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Contractor's License Bonds

A Contractors Bond California is required by the state of California for all contractors. It protects you against the following:

A Contractor’s License Bond is required by the state of California for all contractors. It protects you against the following:

Contractor License Bond Insurance - Work Left Incomplete

Work Left Incomplete

If for whatever reason a contractor does not complete a job in progress, the consumer may file a complaint against their bond.

Contractor License Bond Insurance - Consumer Property Damage

Consumer Property Damage

A contractor license bond is a legally binding contract that protects customers against property damage, up to the value of the bond. These bonds differ from construction bonds, which specifically cover public projects.

Contractor License Bond Insurance - Consumer Remedy

Consumer Remedy

Bonds are a guarantee to the State of California that if there is no other remedy a consumer can seek against your business, such as a General Liability Insurance policy, the bond will compensate the consumer up to $15,000. However, contractors must then repay the bonding company for any pay-out made.

Contractor License Bond Insurance - Workmanship Issues

Workmanship Issues

If there are problems with your workmanship and there is no other remedy to pursue, a consumer may file a complaint against your bond for up to the full amount of $15,000. You will then be required to reimburse the bonding company for whatever was paid out.

Contractor License Bond Insurance - Financial WARRENTY

Financial Warranty

A license bond is based on creditworthiness. This is due to the fact that if the bond company has to pay out a claim, you are required to reimburse them. Strong credit will allow you to obtain preferred bond pricing, while credit issues may mean the bond premium you pay per year is higher.

Contractor License Bond Insurance - Protect CONSUMERS

Protect Consumers

The ultimate objective of a license bond is to use it as a last resort. Fulfilling all the terms of your contract on time and carrying a General Liability Insurance policy can reduce the risk that someone will file a claim against your bond. However, the state requires that this minimum protection be in place for the consumer to seek a remedy if necessary.

Why a Contractor's License Bond is a Requirement in California

Contractors are required to obtain a $15,000 license bond and submit the filing to the CSLB annually in order to maintain an active contactor license. This bond assures the public that they will receive compensation up to $15,000 if a contractor fails to comply with licensing regulations such as: abandoning a job, engaging in fraud, failing to repair damages caused to a homeowner’s property, and more.

Alternatively, the CSLB will accept a cashier’s check or a bank-certified check in the amount of $15,000 as collateral if a contractor does not wish to purchase a contractor’s license bond. However, most contractors would prefer to pay the bond premium of $100+ rather than a $15,000 lump sum.

Why do you need Contractor License Bond Insurance

Contractor’s License Bond quotes have a same-day turnaround and are electronically filed with the CSLB within 24 hours of purchasing the bond. Contact us today for a free quote.

What is the Cost of a Contractor's License Bond?

How much does Contractor License Bond Insurance cost?
The cost of a Contractor’s License Bond typically ranges from $90-$600 depending on creditworthiness. Each surety company requires a soft credit check on the bond indemnitor to finalize pricing. Each company also has different credit factors they review which is why none of the bond carriers offer the same pricing. We have over 10 bonding companys to quote your business with, ensuring we find you the best available pricing. Contact us today for a bond quote and have your CSLB license updated with the bonding information by tomorrow.


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Most bonds are instant-issue and your bond can usually be transmitted electronically to the CSLB same-day.

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CSIA, Inc. is a woman-owned and operated insurance agency in San Diego, California.

Contractor License Bond Insurance - About us

We Locate the Best Coverage at the Best Price. That’s Our Trade Secret.

Owner Renee Powell has over 25 years of experience in the construction trade business and has helped hundreds of contractors. Our competent staff helps clients obtain General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers’ Compensation, Bonding, Property, Excess Coverage, Course of Construction, Tools and Equipment Coverage, and many other construction-related insurance policies. We also insure many other types of commercial businesses, from small nail salons to large real estate investment companies.

We have proudly assisted California contractors and commercial businesses in locating the coverage they need since opening our doors in 2006. We’re here to serve you and help your business stay in compliance with CSLB guidelines and contract requirements. As specialists focusing on the building trades, we understand your unique business has special needs. That’s why we employ a staff of dedicated specialists to help you find the right coverage quickly so you can get on the jobsite.

As an independent insurance agency, we don’t work for the insurance carrier – we work for you. Every member of our staff has been with our agency for over 10 years. We keep your needs in mind as we shop for pricing and coverage at every renewal. You can always expect to hear from us about your policies and options, offering a personal touch not often found with other insurance agencies. Typical response time for all requests is within 24 hours. We can quickly have you quoted, have your coverage in place, and have a certificate in your hand to get you to work. Our duty is always to our client’s best interests. Our extensive knowledge of contractor insurance coverages as well as job contracts will help you find the coverage that best suits your needs. Call today for a free consultation…you’ll be glad you did.

Why Choose Us to Quote Your Contractor's License Bond

Prioritizing Your Insurance Needs

Over the years, we’ve cultivated great relationships with dozens of commercial and contractor insurance carriers that help us get better rates and coverages for our clients. As an independent agency, we are not aligned with any single insurance company, allowing us to represent our client when shopping multiple carriers to find the best policy for your needs and budget.

Our Promise to You

All inquiries received during normal business hours will be answered by a live representative who will assist you with your policy, service, and certificate requests, or direct you to the staff member who can. We will always prioritize your policy needs and strive to provide you with unmatched customer service.

We Are a One-Stop Shop

We've got the markets to cover all of your insurance needs! With one phone call or email, you can have one certificate reflecting all of your insurance policies out to your customers that same day. We know you're busy and your time is valuable - contractors are our business. Get construction started without the hassle of waiting for multiple agents to provide certificates of insurance. Trust Contractor Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc. as your one-stop shop for your General Liability, Work Comp, Property, Commercial Auto, and more.

We Locate the Best Coverage at the Best Price. That’s Our Trade Secret.

We understand the challenge of finding affordable insurance coverage in California. At CSIA, Inc. we strive to deliver a combination of both affordability and protection. While there are several inexpensive policy options, they may not properly cover your business. We will always seek to find the best coverage for you at the best price.

We Understand Contractors

Contractor Insurance is our specialty, as you may have guessed. We are experienced in reviewing insurance requirements and quoting policies that will meet all requirements to get you on the job site. Whether it be to add a CG 2037, Primary and Noncontributory Wording, or a Per Project aggregate limit, we handle it all. Many of our policies also include blanket waivers which allow several additional insureds to be added to your certificates of insurance throughout the policy term. This endorsement is crucial for those urgent cert requests that are bound to come in.

Our Happy Clients

Greatest group of Insurance Brokers with fair rates. I have remained with them for the past decade. They have always held my insurance needs as a priority. Always researching the market and checking on best rates and plans before renewals are due. Making all other smaller items a breeze to request and receive. I highly recommend this group, you will not be disappointed, except for the amount of time you spend looking else where.
Davila P
San Jose, CA
My daughter was shopping for car insurance because the rates she was paying were through the roof. Because of the name of this agency, I thought they only quoted contractor insurance but come to find out they offer ALL TYPES of insurance! She contacted CSIA and spoke with an agent named Danielle. Danielle asked her all of the normal questions an agent would ask to include what coverages she currently had and how much she was paying. Danielle called my daughter back the same day and provided her several options, all of which were way better than the coverage she was currently getting from another company. The transaction was smooth, fast, professional, and efficient. Danielle ended up saving my daughter ~$100 mo AND got her MORE COVERAGE! I highly recommend calling this agency to see if they can beat what you're currently paying AND ask for Danielle; she was awesome!
Angela B
Santee, CA
Great customer service! Would definitely refer friends to Contractor Solutions...
Contractor License Bond Insurance Contractor License Bond Insurance Agency - CSIA
Troy C
El Cajon, CA
Contractor Solutions is the best! I often need Certs at the last minute and they always come through for me. Every year when we renew they try to find the best coverage for the best price. Their customer service is above and beyond!
Contractor License Bond Insurance Contractor License Bond Insurance agency - CSIA
Debbie B
Chesapeake, VA
I was shopping for business liability and commercial auto insurance a little over a year ago. Renee and her team were helpful, explained everything to me, and even shopped around to make sure I was getting the best price when my renewal was due this last month. I am very happy with CSIA and would recommend them to my friends and colleagues. Thank you Renee!
Contractor License Bond Insurance Contractor License Bond Insurance agency - CSIA
Dee D
Berthoud, CO
Professional and efficient! Lindsey was an all star and got everything handled with accuracy and attention to detail. I was very impressed with the follow through and communication. Highly recommend!
Contractor License Bond Insurance Contractor License Bond Insurance agency - CSIA
Erin J
Lakeside, CA

Frequently Asked Questions About Contractor License Bond Insurance

We are a small insurance agency with an all-female staff based out of San Diego, California. We provide responses to requests within 24 hours and typically have same-day turnaround on certificates of insurance within 24 hours. All clients have direct access to their insurance agent and will not have to speak with a customer service representative who is unfamiliar with their specific needs.

Yes, all insurance quotes are free. There is no obligation to bind coverage or to provide a payment in order to receive a quote. With access to several quick-rating products and underwriters who will expedite pricing, we can provide you with the lowest bond quote available.

We can assist you with the cancellation of your bond if needed. You are under no obligation to remain with our agency after you’ve purchased a bond, however, many do not offer a return premium amount due to the cost of the bond being so low.

Most commercial insurance agents apply a broker fee to a quote, and our office is no exception. However, our fees are always reasonable and spelled out clearly in the terms of the quote. This fee represents the years of knowledge, time, and effort that go into shopping dozens of markets for the best price and coverage, as well as the annual servicing to include: assistance with claims, certificates, policy changes, renewal reviews, and more. There are also many types of policies where an additional fee is not applied, such as most personal lines insurance. We are confident you will agree our services are second to none – call us for a contractor insurance quote today!

All of our insurance specialists have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the construction insurance industry. We understand you need to keep your license active and in good standing. We can provide instant-issue bond quotes and the bond is sent to the CSLB right away, typically with 24 hours.

Give us a call at (619) 741-5118 or fill out the online application here.

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