New Workers' Compensation Insurance Rules for California Contractors: Are You Prepared for the Changes?

New Workers' Compensation Insurance Rules for California Contractors Are You Prepared for the Changes

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is Now Mandatory for four more contractor classifications – stay compliant and avoid suspension by understanding the changes.”


To safeguard construction workers and maintain industry standards, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) has broadened the compulsory Workers’ Compensation insurance prerequisites for specific contractor classifications. Starting January 1, 2023, an additional four license types must buy Workers’ Compensation insurance for contractors, irrespective of whether they have employees. This blog post will explore the latest requirements, impacted contractor classifications, and how to ensure adherence to these regulations. 

The Significance of Workers’ Compensation Insurance: 

Workers’ Compensation insurance is vital for protecting employees in case of injury, covering medical care, temporary or permanent disability, and death benefits. It also shields business owners from substantial financial loss resulting from employee lawsuits. Until now, only Roofing Contractors in California were obligated to have this insurance. However, the mandate has been extended to encompass four more license types. 

Impacted Contractor License Classifications: 

Effective January 1, 2023, the following contractor classifications must purchase mandatory Workers’ Compensation coverage: 

  • C-8: Concrete
  • C-20: Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning
  • C-22: Asbestos Abatement
  • D-49: Tree Service 

Contractors in these categories must obtain Workers’ Compensation insurance by July 1, 2023, or face license suspension and classification removal. 

Ensuring Protection for California’s Construction Workers: 

The broader insurance mandate seeks to safeguard construction workers in a high-risk industry prone to injuries. The affected license classifications, along with roofers, have the highest likelihood of not carrying Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees. By January 1, 2026, all California contractors will be required to have Workers’ Compensation insurance, as exemptions will no longer be valid. 

How to Get The Best Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy:

Selecting the best Workers’ Compensation insurance policy for your business is crucial to ensure adequate protection for your employees and financial stability for your company. Here’s the two ways to help you get the most suitable policy: 

  1. Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
  2. Contractors Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc 

Do-It-Yourself (DIY):

In this method, you need to oversight everything yourself. Following are the five important steps that you need to follow to get best workers’ compensation insurance policy.

  • Assess Your Business Risks:

    • Identify the specific risks associated with your industry and business operations.
    • Evaluate potential hazards and their likelihood of causing injuries to your employees.
    • Consider any specialized equipment or processes that may increase the risk of accidents. 
  • Determine the Coverage You Need:

    • Review state requirements for Workers’ Compensation insurance and ensure you meet the minimum coverage levels.
    • Identify any additional coverage options that would benefit your business, such as coverage for subcontractors or protection against claims for work-related illnesses.
    • Consider whether you require coverage for employees who work out-of-state or across multiple locations. 
  • Compare Carriers and Policies:

    • Research and compare Workers’ Compensation carriers, considering factors such as their financial stability, customer service, and reputation in the industry.
    • Obtain multiple Workers’ Compensation insurance quotes to compare rates and coverage options.
    • Evaluate each policy’s terms and conditions, ensuring they align with your business needs. 
  • Consult with an Expert:

    • Seek the advice of a knowledgeable insurance agent or broker who specializes in Workers’ Compensation insurance.
    • Discuss your business risks and coverage needs to receive personalized recommendations.
    • Ask about any available discounts, credits, or other cost-saving opportunities. 
  • Regularly Review and Update Your Policy:

    • Reassess your Workers’ Compensation policy annually to ensure it remains relevant to your business needs.
    • Update your coverage as needed to account for changes in your business, such as new hires or expanded operations.
    • Stay informed about changes in state regulations and requirements, and adjust your policy accordingly. 

By following these steps, you can secure the best Workers’ Compensation insurance policy for your business, providing peace of mind for both you and your employees. 

Contractors Solutions Insurance Agency,Inc: 

While pricing is fairly expensive for workers’ compensation coverage, there are several carriers to shop rates with. Fortunately for contractors, each carrier has their own set of credits and discounts they apply to the statewide (base) rates for each class code. This means pricing for workers’ compensation insurance will vary depending on the carrier, even if all of the information provided to each carrier is the same. 

Here at Contractors Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc, we work with over 20 workers; compensation carriers to ensure our clients obtain the best pricing available. Contractors can reach out to our agency, provide all of their information one time, and we will shop with several markets on their behalf. We understand contractors are extremely busy and do not have the time nor the desire to provide the same information repeatedly to multiple carriers, which is a service we are happy to provide.  

All quotes are provided free of cost. Once the policy is purchased through our agency, we assist the contractor in uploading a certificate of insurance to the CSLB website under the client’s license which will satisfy the new mandatory insurance requirement and the new workers’ compensation insurance will be reflected. 

Here’s why you need our agency support: 

Finding the Best Workers’ Compensation Carriers: 

With numerous insurance carriers in the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best fit for your business. Contractors Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc. helps clients find the best Workers’ Compensation carriers by carefully evaluating each carrier’s offerings, financial stability, and reputation in the industry. Our goal is to connect contractors with the most reliable and trustworthy carriers to ensure long-term security and satisfaction. 

Customizing Workers’ Compensation Policy for Construction: 

Each construction project comes with its unique risks and challenges. As such, it is essential to have a Workers’ Compensation policy tailored to your specific construction needs. Contractors Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc. works closely with clients to understand their individual requirements and create customized Workers’ Compensation policies for construction projects. This personalized approach ensures that contractors have the appropriate coverage to safeguard their businesses and employees. 

Understanding the Impact of Changing Regulations: 

As regulations continue to evolve, it is crucial for contractors to stay informed and adapt to the changes. By partnering with a dedicated insurance agency like Contractors Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc., contractors can receive timely updates on regulatory changes and expert guidance on maintaining compliance. This proactive approach minimizes potential disruptions to your business and ensures the continued well-being of your employees. 

The Importance of Timely Renewals and Updates: 

To maintain compliance with Workers’ Compensation insurance requirements, contractors must ensure their policies are up-to-date and renewed promptly. Contractors Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc. assists clients with policy renewals, providing reminders and support throughout the process. By staying on top of renewals and policy updates, contractors can avoid costly fines and penalties while maintaining uninterrupted coverage.


Stay informed and protect your business from new regulations. Keep up with Workers’ Compensation insurance requirements to safeguard your employees and your business. For more information regarding the workers compensation requirements or to obtain a quote, please visit:

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