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We take the trouble out of the Commercial Auto Insurance process by handling the legwork of underwriting your policy. Get a Certificate of Insurance within a day.
Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance Agency - CSIA
Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance Agency - CSIA

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Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance Agency - CSIA

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Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance Agency - CSIA

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Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance Agency - CSIA

Receive your Commercial Auto Insurance Certificate within a day.

Need a Bond to start working on a new project? Paying too much for Workers Comp? Need General Liability protection? We know and are here to assist you now. Call (619) 741-5118 today.

Overview of Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance deals protection for business owners who use their vehicles for business operations. If you use your vehicle for business operations, you should know what kind of insurance you need. Commercial Auto Insurance is not the same as regular auto insurance. It covers:

general liability insurance

Underinsured drivers

When another driver's protection won't cover it.

Oceanside Contractor bond

Rental repayment

Get up to $100 each day if your cars and truck remains in the shop.

Oceanside workmen compensation

Towing & labor

If you need a tow, It'll pay for the pros.

Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance

Collisions & comprehensive protection

Handle repair work and replacements quickly.

Oceanside Property insurance agency - CSIA


Covers legal charges, medical expenses and more.

Oceanside life and health insurance agency - CSIA

Property damage

Cropped a letterbox with your side mirror? We've got you.

Why should you have Commercial Auto Insurance in Oceanside?

Commercial Auto insurance secures companies, freelancers, and independent contractors against liability suits, property damage, and other threats that could ravage your business.

The main difference between business and commercial auto insurance is that Commercial auto insurance protects specialized cars for particular jobs. In contrast, business auto insurance protects autos used for normal traffic travels to see customers and other automobile travel for business functions.

Commercial auto insurance is tax-deductible, mainly if the business utilizes the cars and truck as an element of operations. Call CSIA at (619) 741-5118 now to talk to an expert consultant who can answer your questions today.
Why do you need Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance

Take the guesswork away from your Commercial Auto Insurance protection. Call us today for the right protection and get a Certificate of Commercial Auto Insurance in Oceanside in less than 24-hours.

How much does Commercial Auto Insurance cost in Oceanside?

How much does Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance cost?
Commercial Auto Insurance price is always more expensive than your personal vehicle insurance. One of the main reasons that Commercial Auto Insurance prices more than your personal vehicle insurance is that your business carries more risk. Your business sees a lot more people than your house does. Clients, suppliers, and staff members all imply more risk exposure. Also, the price of Commercial Auto Insurance is determined based on your business’s risk.

At CSIA, our insurance consultants are experts in this field. You will only need to give information about your projects to us once. The rest of the prolonged process will look after by us and you’ll get the policy within 24 hours. This can save you time as well as money.

About Us

CSIA – a women-owned independent agency is the leading general contractor solution in California, United States.
Renee Powell

We Prioritize Coverage Over Pricing. That's Our Trade Secret.

Hi, Renee Powell here.

I have over 30 years of experience in the construction trade business and have helped thousands of contractors.  Both large and small contractors have obtained the proper coverage, ensuring that they are not only in compliance with contractor guidelines but also that they and their business assets are adequately protected in the event of a claim. We help clients with commercial auto, workers compensation, general liability, bonding, property, course of construction, tool and equipment, and other construction-related insurance policies.

CSIA opened its doors in 2006. Since then, our staff of experts have proudly served over 600 contractorsWe are here to serve you and help your business stay in compliance with CSLB guidelines.  As specialists, we understand your business has special needs.  That’s why we employ a staff of dedicated specialists to help you get the right coverage, quickly, so you can get back to work.

As an independent insurance agency, we don’t work for the insurance carrier; we work for our clients. Typical response time within 24 hours of client requests, we can have you underwritten, certified and back on the job.. Our duty is to our client’s best interests. Our extensive knowledge of contractor insurance coverages as well as gaps will help you find the coverage that best suites your needs. Call today for a free consultation, you’ll be glad you did. 

See below what our other clients have said after working with us.

Why Choose Us For Your Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance Needs

Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance agency - CSIA

We represent only the very best insurance companies.

We are an independent agency. We're not controlled by any insurer, so we're free to look around multiple carriers. It permits us to discover your business's most acceptable policy at the most acceptable rate.

Get a professional agent who respects you and your business.

Our customers get the ideal insurance coverage at the best rates. We make the effort to learn your insurance needs, ask you queries and ensure that you know the policies and coverages you are purchasing.

Get the very best insurance protection within 24 hours.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the nation's best insurance plans for our customers rapidly and efficiently. We work straight with the insurance companies to ensure you get the best coverage at the lowest price. We pride ourselves on helping you to understand your coverages and leave no holes.

We supply the ideal protection for the ideal rate.

That's right; we're an insurance company focusing on coverage over premium. When you call us, our professional insurance advisors will assist you pick the right coverage based on your business's needs, protecting your business from losses and liabilities. We never ever offer policies that do not have good coverage.

We Get in touch with Every Customer Prior To Their Next Renewal.

We recognize customers disqualified for the renewal and offer them an alternative product. Review and renew your policy with us and conserve money. No more insurance emergencies. Know in advance so you can budget and expect your costs for the upcoming insurance term.

Our Happy Clients

Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance agency - CSIA
Greatest group of Insurance Brokers with fair rates. I have remained with them for the past decade. They have always held my insurance needs as a priority. Always researching the market and checking on best rates and plans before renewals are due. Making all other smaller items a breeze to request and receive. I highly recommend this group, you will not be disappointed, except for the amount of time you spend looking else where.
Davila P
San Jose, CA
My daughter was shopping for car insurance because the rates she was paying were through the roof. Because of the name of this agency, I thought they only quoted contractor insurance but come to find out they offer ALL TYPES of insurance! She contacted CSIA and spoke with an agent named Danielle. Danielle asked her all of the normal questions an agent would ask to include what coverages she currently had and how much she was paying. Danielle called my daughter back the same day and provided her several options, all of which were way better than the coverage she was currently getting from another company. The transaction was smooth, fast, professional, and efficient. Danielle ended up saving my daughter ~$100 mo AND got her MORE COVERAGE! I highly recommend calling this agency to see if they can beat what you're currently paying AND ask for Danielle; she was awesome!
Angela B
Santee, CA
Great customer service! Would definitely refer friends to Contractor Solutions...
Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance Agency - CSIA
Troy C
El Cajon, CA
Contractor Solutions is the best! I often need Certs at the last minute and they always come through for me. Every year when we renew they try to find the best coverage for the best price. Their customer service is above and beyond!
Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance agency - CSIA
Debbie B
Chesapeake, VA
I was shopping for business liability and commercial auto insurance a little over a year ago. Renee and her team were helpful, explained everything to me, and even shopped around to make sure I was getting the best price when my renewal was due this last month. I am very happy with CSIA and would recommend them to my friends and colleagues. Thank you Renee!
Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance agency - CSIA
Dee D
Berthoud, CO
Professional and efficient! Lindsey was an all star and got everything handled with accuracy and attention to detail. I was very impressed with the follow through and communication. Highly recommend!
Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance agency - CSIA
Erin J
Lakeside, CA

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Auto Insurance

Oceanside Oceanside Commercial Auto Insurance agency - CSIA
At CSIA, we’re committed to helping you discover the information you need about Commercial Auto Insurance Here are a few of the most common inquiries we get. If you don’t discover what you’re searching for here, our professional insurance consultants are offered to assist you through phone (619) 741-5118.
At our agency, we pride ourselves on being a small business wholly women-owned and operated. We understand that our clients require timely replies to their requests, so we ensure to respond to them within 24 hours. For our client’s convenience, we also supply certificates of insurance within 24 hours. In addition, our clients will be in direct contact with their insurance agents instead of random customer support agents.
We know that rate is essential regarding insurance, but coverage is fundamental. That’s why we always focus on coverage over pricing. We would never offer a policy that does not supply protection, simply because it’s cheap.
And lastly, we always contact our clients before every renewal to make sure they are being correctly quoted for the upcoming policy term.
Applying for insurance quotes is always for free. You don’t have to commit or pay anything to get a quote.
While you are not required to get your insurance certificate from us, we highly encourage that you do. We provide a wide range of insurance choices that can fit your requirements, and our group is always available to answer any questions you might have.
There are various types of insurance policies, and each one might have a broker charge related to it.
We understand the forms and certifications needed for construction contracts. Several clients urgently require certificates of insurance for jobs they are starting. We know that time is of the essence and can typically get you certified and underwritten within 24 hours.
All of our representative professionals have ten years of experience in the insurance industry. We focus on selling policies based on coverage instead of pricing to guarantee our clients get the ideal and appropriate operational coverages.
At this insurance company, clients have the chance to deal with some great individuals. I (Renee), Danielle Rivera, and Lindsey Gonsalves will quickly get you the insurance quote and explain the policy. We’ll make sure to look after everything to lastly have the assurance you’ve been trying to find.
Our company believe in decreasing the burden of risk management and insurance by offering professional service and practical solutions. Our policies include one-person contractors to large enterprises. If You Need An Insurance Policy, Securely and Legally, You’ll wish to speak to CSIA. We focus on coverage over pricing so our clients can sleep well at night knowing they are covered. Whether it’s coverage for workers’ compensation, general liability, or commercial auto insurance, CSIA has you covered.
Simple, complete the form here. We’ll call you back to explain the several choices to help you.

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Enter your license or application number to get a quote:

Prefer to skip the online application?

An insurance specialist is available to help. Call now at - (619) 741-5118

Enter your license or application number to get a quote:

Prefer to skip the online application?

An insurance specialist is available to help. Call now at - (619) 741-5118