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Boasting more than 30 years of expertise in the Commercial Auto Insurance field, CSIA has been serving Riverside Contractors for close to 17 years.
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WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE Commercial Auto Insurance IN Riverside?​

Commercial Auto insurance defends companies, self-employed individuals, and independent contractors from potential liability litigations, property impairment, and other hazards that could wreak havoc on your enterprise.

The chief distinction between business and commercial auto insurance is that the latter protects specific vehicles for particular jobs. Conversely, business auto insurance defends cars utilized for routine traffic journeys to meet customers and other car travel for business-related endeavors.

Commercial auto insurance is tax-deductible, chiefly if business utilizes the car as an integral part of its operations. Contact CSIA at (619) 741-5118 today to consult with a knowledgeable consultant who can address your questions promptly.

Why do you need Riverside Commercial Auto Insurance

Eliminate the ambiguity out of your Commercial Auto Insurance safeguard. Contact us immediately for the optimal safeguard and receive a Certificate of Commercial Auto Insurance in Riverside in under a day.

A FEW COVERAGES OF Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance protection is akin to personal auto policy, but it includes provisions not present in the personal auto policy, such as physical damage protection and uninsured drivers protection. Here are a few essential coverages that a Commercial Auto Insurance policy offers:
Riverside Commercial Auto Insurance - Commercial General Liability

Underinsured drivers

When another chauffeur's protection will not cover it.

Riverside Commercial Auto Insurance - Contractor Bonds

Rental compensation

Get up to $100 daily if your automobile remains in the store.

Riverside Commercial Auto Insurance - Workers' compensation

Towing & labor

If you require a tow, It'll pay for the pros.

Riverside Commercial Auto Insurance - Commercial Auto Insurance

Collisions & comprehensive protection

Handle repairs and replacements quick.

General Liability Insurance Requirements - Commercial Property Insurance


Covers legal charges, medical expenses and more.

Riverside Commercial Auto Insurance - Excess Liability Insurance

Property damage

Clipped a letterbox with your side mirror? We've got you.

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