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Boasting upwards of 30 years of expertise in the Commercial Property Insurance sector, CSIA has been serving Anaheim Contractors for close to 17 years.
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WHY NEED TO YOU OWN Commercial Property Insurance IN Anaheim?​

  • It shields you and your business properties. Self-employed individuals bear the same liabilities and legal obligations as more extensive corporations. Exposure comes along with your contractor’s license. Commercial Property Insurance helps to cover legal costs and damages that might result from a claim.
  • Your customers will desire you to have it and demand a certificate demonstrating proof of coverage before signing an agreement with you.
  • By law, Contractors need to maintain general liability coverage. Generally, it’s beneficial for both you and your customer to hold distinct Commercial Property Insurance policies. It’s also cheaper to have distinct policies rather than adding on you as an additional insured.

Why do you need Anaheim Commercial Property Insurance

Eliminate the ambiguity out of your Commercial Property Insurance insurance. Contact us immediately for the prime insurance and receive a Certificate of Commercial Property Insurance in Anaheim within 24 hours.

A FEW COVERAGES OF Commercial Property Insurance

Anaheim Commercial Property Insurance - Commercial General Liability

Company products and equipment

Suppose your important notebook computer got damaged caused by fire or flood and you require a replacement.

Anaheim Commercial Property Insurance - Contractor Bonds


Your storeroom in underwater which means your company is underwater.

Anaheim Commercial Property Insurance - Workers' compensation


Your premises roofing got damaged due to some unforeseen circumstance.

Anaheim Commercial Property Insurance - Commercial Auto Insurance

Equipment breakdowns

Your pricey HVAC system quits working the day after the extended warranty ends. Do not sweat it-- we can assist.

General Liability Insurance Requirements - Commercial Property Insurance

Company earnings disturbances

A fire damages your company operation for a week or 2 during repair work.

Anaheim Commercial Property Insurance - Excess Liability Insurance

Stolen Money

Money or any important things got stolen, which affects company.

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