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We take the hassle out of the Commercial Property Insurance procedure by handling the legwork of underwriting your policy. Get a Certificate of Insurance within 24 hours.
Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance Agency - CSIA
Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance Agency - CSIA

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Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance Agency - CSIA

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Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance Agency - CSIA

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Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance Agency - CSIA

Get your Commercial Property Insurance Certificate within 24 hours.

Need a Bond to start working on a new project? Paying more for Workers Comp? Need General Liability coverage? We know and are here to help you now. Call (619) 741-5118 today.

Overview of Escondido Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance, in the broadest sense, is the insurance which covers a business' personal property and building. The business owners need to ensure that they have enough Commercial Property Insurance to cover all their private property and their building because if a fire, weather condition damage, storm or other calamity happens to them, they will be covered. It covers:

general liability insurance

Company products and gear

Suppose your crucial laptop pc got harmed caused by fire or flood and you require a replacement.

Escondido Contractor bond


Your storeroom in underwater which indicates your business is underwater.

Escondido workmen compensation


Your building roofing got harmed due to some unexpected scenario.

Escondido Commercial Auto Insurance

Equipment breakdowns

Your expensive HVAC system stops working the day after the warranty expires. Don't sweat it-- we can help.

Escondido Property insurance agency - CSIA

Company income interruptions

A fire damages your business operation for a week or more during repair work.

Escondido life and health insurance agency - CSIA

Stolen Money

Money or any important things got looted, which affects business.

Why should you have Commercial Property Insurance in Escondido?

  •  It secures you and your company assets. Independent contractors have the same liabilities and legal obligations as bigger business. Exposure arrives with your contractor’s license. Commercial Property Insurance supports to cover legal charges and damages that might arise from a suit.
  •  Your clients will want you to have it and ask for a certificate explaining proof of coverage before signing an agreement with you.
  • It’s the law. Contractors must carry general liability coverage. Usually it’s good for both you and your customer to have separate Commercial Property Insurance coverages. It’s also less expensive to have separate policies versus including you as additionally insured.
Why do you need Escondido Commercial Property Insurance

Take the guesswork away from your Commercial Property Insurance coverage. Call us today for the best coverage and get a Certificate of Commercial Property Insurance in Escondido within a day.

How much does Commercial Property Insurance cost in Escondido?

How much does Escondido Commercial Property Insurance cost?
Normally, premiums for Commercial Property Insurance are set by multiplying the worth of the building and its components by a value that correlates to the level of risk. Most of the time, properties with high risk have higher property insurance rates, while lower risk properties cost less to cover. The average business pays between $1,000 and $3,000 annually per million.

At CSIA, our insurance advisors are specialists in this field. You will only require to provide details about your projects to us once. The remaining prolonged procedure will take care of by us and you’ll get the policy within 24 hours. This can save you time as well as money.

About Us

CSIA is a California-based insurance agency operated by women for general contractor solutions.
Renee Powell

We Prioritize Coverage Over Pricing. That's Our Trade Secret.

Hi, Renee Powell here.

I have over 30 years of experience in the construction trade business and have helped thousands of contractors.  Both large and small contractors have obtained the proper coverage, ensuring that they are not only in compliance with contractor guidelines but also that they and their business assets are adequately protected in the event of a claim. We help clients with commercial auto, workers compensation, general liability, bonding, property, course of construction, tool and equipment, and other construction-related insurance policies.

CSIA opened its doors in 2006. Since then, our staff of experts have proudly served over 600 contractorsWe are here to serve you and help your business stay in compliance with CSLB guidelines.  As specialists, we understand your business has special needs.  That’s why we employ a staff of dedicated specialists to help you get the right coverage, quickly, so you can get back to work.

As an independent insurance agency, we don’t work for the insurance carrier; we work for our clients. Typical response time within 24 hours of client requests, we can have you underwritten, certified and back on the job.. Our duty is to our client’s best interests. Our extensive knowledge of contractor insurance coverages as well as gaps will help you find the coverage that best suites your needs. Call today for a free consultation, you’ll be glad you did. 

See below what our other clients have said after working with us.

Why Choose Us For Your Escondido Commercial Property Insurance Needs

Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance agency - CSIA

Get the best policy for your requirements.

For many years, we've refined fantastic relationship with 20+ insurance companies it allowing us to get much better rates and insurance coverages for our clients. We're a specialized Escondido Commercial Property Insurance solutions independent agency, not aligned with any single insurance company. This allows us to look around multiple providers to find the most acceptable policy for your requirements and budget.

Talk with our expert agents whenever you want.

We give the insurance shopper more choices while reducing costs and boosting client engagement. Don't wait on hold or face automated customer care representatives. All clients have direct access to their insurance representative.

24-hour guaranteed insurance certificate.

CSIA is an easy way to get insurance! We work with the top businesses like State Farm, Nationwide, Allstate and more to find your outstanding coverage. Our "as-low-as-you-can-go" policy ensures your premiums remain as low as possible. And if you have any questions about the policy, our specialists are always here to help.

We Focus On Coverage Over Pricing, while staying cost sensitive.

We Prioritize Coverage Over Pricing, Offering You the most beneficial Insurance Policy Available. We think in giving insurance buyers with the best policy available. We will not sell a pricey policy that does not safeguard our clients. We also will not sell an insurance plan that covers nothing. Instead, we'll collaborate with you to find the best policy for your requirements.

Get ahead of your insurance renewals, we'll reach out to you to review your policies before they lapse.

We identify clients ineligible for the renewal and provide then with an alternative product. Review and revive your policy with us and conserve cash. No more insurance emergencies. Know ahead of time so you can budget and expect your costs for the upcoming insurance term.

Our Happy Clients

Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance agency - CSIA
Greatest group of Insurance Brokers with fair rates. I have remained with them for the past decade. They have always held my insurance needs as a priority. Always researching the market and checking on best rates and plans before renewals are due. Making all other smaller items a breeze to request and receive. I highly recommend this group, you will not be disappointed, except for the amount of time you spend looking else where.
Davila P
San Jose, CA
My daughter was shopping for car insurance because the rates she was paying were through the roof. Because of the name of this agency, I thought they only quoted contractor insurance but come to find out they offer ALL TYPES of insurance! She contacted CSIA and spoke with an agent named Danielle. Danielle asked her all of the normal questions an agent would ask to include what coverages she currently had and how much she was paying. Danielle called my daughter back the same day and provided her several options, all of which were way better than the coverage she was currently getting from another company. The transaction was smooth, fast, professional, and efficient. Danielle ended up saving my daughter ~$100 mo AND got her MORE COVERAGE! I highly recommend calling this agency to see if they can beat what you're currently paying AND ask for Danielle; she was awesome!
Angela B
Santee, CA
Great customer service! Would definitely refer friends to Contractor Solutions...
Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance Agency - CSIA
Troy C
El Cajon, CA
Contractor Solutions is the best! I often need Certs at the last minute and they always come through for me. Every year when we renew they try to find the best coverage for the best price. Their customer service is above and beyond!
Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance agency - CSIA
Debbie B
Chesapeake, VA
I was shopping for business liability and commercial auto insurance a little over a year ago. Renee and her team were helpful, explained everything to me, and even shopped around to make sure I was getting the best price when my renewal was due this last month. I am very happy with CSIA and would recommend them to my friends and colleagues. Thank you Renee!
Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance agency - CSIA
Dee D
Berthoud, CO
Professional and efficient! Lindsey was an all star and got everything handled with accuracy and attention to detail. I was very impressed with the follow through and communication. Highly recommend!
Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance agency - CSIA
Erin J
Lakeside, CA

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Property Insurance

Escondido Escondido Commercial Property Insurance agency - CSIA
At CSIA, we’re dedicated to helping you find the information you require about Commercial Property Insurance Here are some of the most typical questions we get. If you don’t find what you’re searching for here, our expert insurance advisors are offered to help you via phone (619) 741-5118.
At our agency, we know that time is essential. That’s why we guarantee to respond to all requests within 24 hours. We also provide certificates of insurance within a day. When you work with us, you’ll be in direct contact with your insurance advisor– not simply a random customer service representative. We have developed strong relationships with carriers, enabling us to get our clients the ideal possible coverage at the optimal possible price. We always focus on coverage over pricing, meaning we would never sell a policy that doesn’t provide coverage simply because it’s affordable.
Last but not least, we make it a point to call our clients before every renewal to ensure they are being properly quoted for the upcoming policy term. Gain a complete understanding of what you are paying for before an emergency– no more insurance lapses.
Insurance quotes are always chargeless – and you’re under no responsibility to bind coverage or make a payment to receive one. So proceed and get started today to learn just how much you might be saving.
Yes, needless to say. There is no condition to get an insurance certificate from us.
Some insurance plans have what’s called a broker fee. It’s something that might be applied depending on your policy type.
At our agency, we understand all about the forms and certifications required for different construction contracts. Many of our clients approach us needing immediate certificates of insurance for tasks they’re starting that day. We can often get a certificate of insurance for them within a day.
All of our insurance advisors have ten years of experience in the insurance market. When it comes to offering policies, we focus on coverage over rates to guarantee our clients are always protected.
At this insurance company, clients have the opportunity to work with some wonderful individuals. I (Renee), Danielle Rivera, and Lindsey Gonsalves will quickly get you the insurance quote and describe the policy. We’ll ensure to look after everything to finally have the comfort you’ve been searching for.
Our company believe in minimizing the burden of risk management and insurance by offering professional service and practical solutions. Our policies include one-person contractors up to large corporations. If You Need An Insurance Policy, Securely and Legally, You’ll want to talk with CSIA. We focus on coverage over rates so our clients can sleep well at night knowing they are covered. Whether it’s coverage for workers’ compensation, general liability, or commercial auto insurance, CSIA has you covered.
Simple, submit the form here. We’ll call you back to discuss the several choices to help you.

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Enter your license or application number to get a quote:

Prefer to skip the online application?

An insurance specialist is available to help. Call now at - (619) 741-5118

Enter your license or application number to get a quote:

Prefer to skip the online application?

An insurance specialist is available to help. Call now at - (619) 741-5118