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WHY NEED TO YOU OWN Independent Contractor Insurance IN Orange?​

  • It safeguards you and your company properties. Self-employed individuals bear the equal liabilities and legal duties as bigger companies. Liability is part of your contractor’s license. Independent Contractor Insurance helps to cover legal expenses and damages that might result from a claim.
  • Your patrons will require you to have it and ask for a certificate showing evidence of coverage before signing a deal with you.
  • By law, Contractors need to carry general liability coverage. Typically, it’s advantageous for both you and your customer to hold individual Independent Contractor Insurance plans. It’s also more affordable to have individual policies rather than adding on you as an additional insured.

Why do you need Orange Independent Contractor Insurance

Eliminate the doubt from your Independent Contractor Insurance safeguard. Contact us immediately for the perfect safeguard and receive a Certificate of Independent Contractor Insurance in Orange within 24 hours.

A FEW COVERAGES OF Independent Contractor Insurance

Orange Independent Contractor Insurance - Commercial General Liability

Contractor General Liability

You're in Good Hands. CSIA assists small company owners get quality insurance to secure themselves and their properties. CSIA deals with insurance specialists to provide quality coverage at the lowest rate possible.
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Orange Independent Contractor Insurance - Contractor Bonds

Contractor License Bond

As a contractor, you do not prefer to get stuck paying for others' mistakes. A contractor bond ensures that you will be compensated if someone you work for does not pay their expenses or damages the property where the work takes place. CSIA help you in getting the appropriate bond with the ideal coverage.
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Orange Independent Contractor Insurance - Workers' compensation

Contractor Workers Compensation

By partnering with CSIA, contractors efficiently sub-contract their workers' compensation insurance and are eligible for up to a 5-100% reduction in their workers' compensation premiums. Contractors might also be eligible to receive additional discounts if they refer business to CSIA.
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Orange Independent Contractor Insurance - Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance customized to your business. We work with our clients to identify their needs and give them with competitive rates and versatile coverage options. We are a full-service broker and work with the leading insurance providers to ensure that we provide you with the coverage you need at a price you can manage.
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General Liability Insurance Requirements - Commercial Property Insurance

All Property Related insurance

Get the protection you need with the service you deserve. CSIA help you to get insurance for all type of properties, such as residential, commercial and even tools & devices.
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Orange Independent Contractor Insurance - Excess Liability Insurance

Life & Health Insurance

Since the inception of our insurance company, our supreme objective has been to create a relationship with our clients based upon trust, strong values and mutual understanding. You can call us for any kind of insurance you need for your company or family, and we will help you find the very best option suitable for your needs and requirements.

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