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WHY NEED TO YOU HAVE General liability insurance IN Temecula?​

  • It safeguards you and your company assets. Self-employed individuals bear the identical liabilities and legal obligations as larger corporations. Risks comes along with your contractor’s license. General liability insurance helps to cover legal fees and damages that may stem from a claim.
  • Your customers will need you to have it and demand a certificate demonstrating proof of coverage before signing an agreement with you.
  • By law, Contractors need to maintain general liability coverage. Generally, it’s beneficial for both you and your patron to hold distinct General liability insurance coverages. It’s also less expensive to have distinct policies rather than adding on you as an additional insured.

Why do you need Temecula General liability insurance

Eliminate the ambiguity out of your General liability insurance insurance. Contact us immediately for the perfect insurance and receive a Certificate of General liability insurance in Temecula within 24 hours.

A FEW COVERAGES OF General liability insurance

A General liability insurance policy is a necessity that every entrepreneur should possess. This form of insurance protects you against legal actions that might occur due to your business operations. It offers protection for things such as:
Temecula General liability insurance - Commercial General Liability

Bodily injury

Someone trips over your tools and breaks their leg.

Temecula General liability insurance - Contractor Bonds

Property damage

You drop instruments and harm a client's wood floor.

Temecula General liability insurance - Workers' compensation

Marketing harm

You're taken legal action against for inappropriate image use in your marketing.

Temecula General liability insurance - Commercial Auto Insurance

Court and legal costs

You need a lawyer for a suit, despite the fact that you did nothing wrong.

General Liability Insurance Requirements - Commercial Property Insurance

Medical payments

Someone gets injured on spot and asks you to pay for medical expenses.

Temecula General liability insurance - Excess Liability Insurance

Libel, dirt & defamation

An employee bad-mouths a client online, and the client sues you.

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